Talent Factory provide classes for the Boone County community in a variety of dance genres for dancers of all ages. We offer multi-class discounts, a dancer unlimited package and a family unlimited package.

Fall 2024 – Spring 2025 Classes

Classes meet once per week for 32 weeks (beginning in September 2024). See Calendar for closings and important dates.

2 yr. olds: Tiny Tots, TFAD Tumble-Tots*
3-4 yr. olds: Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Acro*
5-6 yr. olds: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Acro*, Pom (New)
7-10 yr. olds: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro*, Lyrical*, Pom (New)
10+ & Adults: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre, Acro*, Lyrical*, Pre-Pointe*, Pointe*, Pom (New)

*Assessment required for class placement. Additional class enrollment may be required.

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Dance Class Descriptions


The ballet class is one of the most challenging, yet most gratifying classes that we offer. Giving students precise technique, ballet offers a lot more than what meets the eye. It is the foundation for many other dance forms, such as jazz, tap, hip-hop, musical theater, lyrical/contemporary, and ballroom. Ballet teaches alignment, placement, balance and elegance. If you are a student of dance and looking for a great class, try BALLET – and give yourself a chance to experience art in its purest form. Ballet is recommended for all dancers.  (ages 3 and up)



Is an extension of ballet which requires strength and technique. Pointe class placement is by invitation only. Each student will be evaluated by TFAD staff before entering into Pointe class. We take the dancer’s safety very seriously and encourage at home strength –training programs specified by our staff for each dancer individually. Teacher assessment and doctor’s written clearance required. Must be enrolled in TFAD Ballet and two additional TFAD classes. (age: teacher’s discretion)



The most popular and fastest-growing department at Talent Factory is without a doubt, Hip Hop. Dancers come to this specialty class in search of innovative and contemporary movement and great music in an atmosphere of safe self-expression and fun! Hip Hop is not limited to one style or technique. Variety in Hip Hop is a MUST. Talent Factory is pleased to offer several different styles of Hip Hop including B-Bop, Pop/Lock, Floating, Urban Funk, and even Break-Dance. Come check out Boone County’s leading Hip Hop classes! (ages 3 and up)


Jazz relies on a dancer’s classical training, yet pushes him/her to connect emotionally to music and movement. Jazz encompasses an amazing litany of styles: Traditional Jazz, Modern, and African – the list is endless. Talent Factory is excited to offer several different styles of Jazz in order to help dancers expand their movement vocabulary. (ages 3 and up)


Creating rhythms and sounds, tap dancing is truly unique. Tappers develop musicality, rhythm, quick thinking, and the ability to “hear” music. Tap is regarded as an American dance form that has been passed down from generation to generation. Our tap department includes Traditional Tap (42nd Street) and Rhythm Tap (Gregory Hines, Savion Glover) styles. (ages 3 and up)


Is a compilation of dance including modern, jazz, classical ballet and lyrical. A fusion of movement and technique. Warm-up to combo, this class takes the dancer through an exciting emotional journey in dance. Teacher assessment required. Must be enrolled in a minimum of two (2) of the following TFAD classes: Ballet and either Jazz or Acro. (ages 7 and up)


Come and try Lebanon’s only Musical Theatre Dance Class! Musical theatre is a dance form that combines dance moves, theatre, music, and songs. The theatrical aspect is through expression of humor, comedy, or other emotions that tell a story. Dance, music, movement and technical aspects of entertainment is an integrated whole. Students have learned numbers from such musicals such as: Hairspray, Hamilton, Grease, Chorus Line, Annie and Wicked to name a few. In this type of dance, students play a character role and develop a character through dance. (ages 7 and up)


Our Tiny Tots class is specially designed for our tiny pre-dancers. This fun class focuses on rhythm, balance, movement, socialization, and following directions. It will assist in the development of musical sensitivity, memory, singing, keeping a steady beat, and expressive movement. This class is a great stepping stone to build a foundation for future dance and music classes. (age 2 as of September 1, 2024)


TFAD Tumble-Tots is NEW a Pre-Acro dance program for our Tiny Tots! This class will focus on the dancer’s body awareness, coordination, and balance through rolls, handstands, beam exercises, obstacle courses, etc. This is a slowly progressing Acro dance class focused on fun movement! (age 2 as of September 1, 2024) 


Acro is a fusion of the artistic motion and technique of dance combined with the athleticism of acrobatics. This class teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline & concentration. Acro is not the typical tumbling or gymnastics class as skills are expected to seamlessly be incorporated into a dance. This class includes many strength and flexibility drills to allow our students to perform skills safely and correctly. Teacher assessment required. Must be enrolled in two (2) additional TFAD dance classes with one being either Jazz or Ballet.

POM New*

Pom Pom dance is a high energy blend of jazz, hip hop, and dance team/cheer techniques. Dancers will learn the fundamental skills to perform on a school dance/cheer team including sharp, precise movements and synchronization while incorporating pom poms. (ages 5 and up)

Competition/Performance Teams

Talent Factory Dance Company is placed by age, dedication, attendance, attitude, and skill level demonstrated. Competition team members must try out and must meet all camp, class & required criteria to be placed on a Company Team. Any new dancer trying out for Company must have a parent who attends the parent meeting to discuss Company fees and expectations prior to auditioning for the team. After auditions, Company is closed and cannot be joined until the next season. To audition for Company, dancers must be enrolled in specified Talent Factory Classes. Company will meet as a whole once a week during non-competition season and more frequently during competition season. Dancers will be competing at competitions, attending conventions, and performing at events. If you are interested in finding out more about Company, please mark accordingly on the registration form and we will notify you about the Spring 2025 parent meeting. By marking the registration form it does not guarantee your child placement on Company – nor does it deem you obligated.