Q: Do I have to register online? Do you have a printable registration form?

A: YES! We do have a printable registration form! ⬅️ Click here to print!

Q: Where can I view the schedule? When is my child’s class time?

A: We do not publish our schedule publicly for the privacy of our students. We customize our schedule each year to fit the needs of our class sizes. You will receive an email with your child’s dance schedule approximately 1-2 weeks before classes start in the fall. (Sept. 5 is the 1st day of classes!) Thank you for your patience!

Q: Do you offer discounts?

A: Yes we do! Pay Yearly Tuition in full by September 29, 2023 to receive a 10% discount. MUST BE PAID IN FULL AT REGISTRATION TO RECEIVE DISCOUNT. We also offer a $150/month DANCER UNLIMITED PACKAGE & $200/month FAMILY UNLIMITED PACKAGE for dance classes. Discounts do not apply to competition, specialty and fitness classes.