Talent Factory Dance Company

Talent Factory Dance Company

Talent Factory Company 2020-2021


Senior Large Group


Senior Small Group


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Senior Trio

TALENT FACTORY DANCE COMPANY is placed by age, dedication, attendance, attitude, and skill level demonstrated. Competition team members must try out and must meet all camp, class & required criteria to be placed on a Company Team. Any new dancer trying out for Company must have a parent who attends the parent meeting to discuss Company fees and expectations prior to auditioning for the team. After auditions, Company is closed and cannot be joined until the next season. To audition for Company, dancers must be enrolled in specified Talent Factory Classes. Company will meet as a whole once a week during non-competition season and more frequently during competition season. Dancers will be competing at competitions, attending conventions, and performing at events.

If you are interested in finding out more about Company, please mark accordingly on the registration form and we will notify you about the Spring 2022 parent meeting. By marking the registration form it does not guarantee your child placement on Company – nor does it deem you obligated.