Talent Factory Dance Company

Talent Factory’s competition teams are proud champions of the 2017 Legacy Dance Nationals, 2018 VIP Dance Nationals, 2019 Showstopper Nationals, 2021 VIP Dance Nationals and 2021 Showstopper Nationals, 2022 Showstopper Nationals.

Our Competition Philosophy

Our competition mentality is a very positive one! We believe a positive approach helps produce a positive outcome, and there is always something higher to achieve. We want our dancers to focus on doing their personal BEST, not winning. For us, competition will always be about motivating, inspiring, and educating kids in a positive environment. At competition, we will receive constructive criticism from experienced, knowledgeable judges with different backgrounds, and we will use this feedback as a basis for improvement and growth!

Our goal is to educate dancers on their mental and physical health. We strive to teach them life goals they will use throughout their life. Whether they become professional dancers or not; they will learn invaluable lessons through our program.

While competing, dancers are also learning to respect other dancers, studios and teachers for their talents! The dance world is very small, and building positive relationships with our peers is very important to us. The connections and opportunities that come from the competitive and convention dance world are unmatched for those dancers wishing to seek a professional career. 

We are beyond proud of the successful competitive program at Talent Factory Arts & Dance, and we are excited to continue to inspire and grow as dancers and people!

*Our 2023-24 Competition Team is closed and cannot be joined until next season!

Talent Factory Dance Company

TALENT FACTORY DANCE COMPANY is placed by age, dedication, attendance, attitude, and skill level demonstrated. Competition team members must try out and must meet all camp, class & required criteria to be placed on a Company Team. Any new dancer trying out for Company must have a parent who attends the parent meeting to discuss Company fees and expectations prior to auditioning for the team. After auditions, Company is closed and cannot be joined until the next season. To audition for Company, dancers must have danced at Talent Factory for 1 full dance year and participated in the Holiday Showcase and Spring Recital. Dancers must be enrolled in specified Talent Factory Classes. Company will meet as a whole once a week during non-competition season and more frequently during competition season. Dancers will be competing at competitions, attending conventions, and performing at events.

If you are interested in finding out more about Company, please mark accordingly on the registration form and we will notify you about the Spring 2024 audition process. By marking the registration form it does not guarantee your child placement on Company – nor does it deem you obligated.