What is Pointe?

Pointe is an extension of ballet which requires strength and technique. Pointe class placement is by invitation only. Each student will be evaluated by TFAD staff before entering into Pointe class. We take the dancer’s safety very seriously and encourage at home strength –training programs specified by our staff for each dancer individually. 

Teacher assessment and doctor’s written clearance required. Must be enrolled in TFAD Ballet and two additional TFAD classes. 

Age: teacher’s discretion


Grace, Strength, Determination, Flexibility, Agility

What to Wear for Pointe

Girls: Any solid color leotard, any color tights and pink leather (no tie) ballet shoes. Short dance skirts/wraps are permitted. 

Boys: Black dance pants or sweatpants (not loose), solid color T-shirt (not loose), and black leather (no tie) ballet shoes.

No bare legs. No Danskin slippers. No tutus. Hair must be securely tied up in a bun – ponytails are NOT allowed.