Why Dance is the Best Exercise for Physical and Mental Health

While dancing is no doubt a fun activity, it is also greatly beneficial for developing children. At Talent Factory we provide our students a comfortable and encouraging environment to express themselves and achieve the highest level of success.
 One of the greatest benefits of any dance class is creative expression. Long hours in a classroom and screen time limits a child’s ability to tap into their imagination.  Additionally, the CDC recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  They break it down between aerobic activity, muscle and bone strengthening – all of which we cover in dance classes.
Four of the greatest benefits we’ve seen children at Talent Factory gain are:
  1.  Physical Fitness.  Dancing is an awesome cardio exercise for kids and helps boost their heart health. All the dances we teach at the Factory, particularly ballet, jazz, hip hop, acro, and tap, are perfect opportunities to improve flexibility which aides in muscle growth. And, since our dancers often follow complex routines designed by our instructors, hand-eye and overall body coordination develops strongly.
  2. Socialization.  In addition to the physical benefits, child dancers can also enjoy important mental benefits that will serve as great tools for them throughout their lives. Since our classes are filled with students of similar ages and interests, kids easily make friends. Practicing and performing in dance groups enables dancers to improve their skills in collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Self-Esteem.  Dance is also a great confidence booster. It can help many kids embrace healthy body confidence and acceptance. Since Talent Factory is a performance-based dance studio, we train our dancers to perform in public venues and dancing competitions. With these experiences, students gain self-esteem and learn to overcome fears.
  4. Improved Grades.  In addition to improving coordination, dance routines build children’s memory.  We have seen numerous children at the Factory whose performance has improved in the classroom because they’re flexing their minds doing an activity they love – dancing.  Whether students are memorizing multiplication tables or complex algebraic algorithms, they’re using the same tools they would use to execute a hip hop routine.
Want to learn more about the benefits of dance?  Give us a call at Talent Factory or consider signing up your child for dance classes (link to registration form.) See you at the Factory!