Talent Factory is now enrolling for its second February Workshop!

Physical Comedy Workshop
Sunday, Feb. 262-5 p.m.
Ages 6 and up! Limited spots available!
Click here for the registration form

Don’t miss your chance to learn performing techniques from one of the top physical comedy performers in the world, Mr Barry Lubin!

At this workshop, we will focus on improvisational skills, physical comedy, confidence, slapstick, and developing routines. This workshop is suitable for performers and non-performers, ages 6 and up.

Registration is $50 per person. Participants DO NOT have to be a student at Talent Factory to enroll. Talent Factory is open for registration MondayFridaybetween 4:30-7:30 p.m. Interested participants may email Brandy Moss or visit the TFAD front desk for more information.

About the Instructor:

Barry Lubin is a Professional Clown first and foremost, and has been for 42 years. Barry has toured the world performing in theaters, festivals, circus, on television and even a few tiny parts in films. He attended Ringling’s Clown College and performed on Ringling for five years, New York’s Big Apple Circus for 25 years, and has been freelancing for the past five years. Barry just returned from Antarctica last month – becoming the first professional clown in history to perform on all seven continents.

Barry has appeared on national and international television countless times. He is an inductee into the International Clown Hall of Fame in Wisconsin, the International Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, Indiana, and the Ring of Fame in Sarasota, Florida. Barry was on The Late Show with David Letterman four times, and featured in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day broadcast on NBC a dozen times.

Barry directs, mentors, writes, and teaches physical comedy/clowning as well, working with all ages and abilities.  His teaching credits include Ringling Clown College, various American university programs, in Europe and Asia, in schools, at circus camps, with various dance groups, and much more.

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