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Remember, all girl’s hair must be pulled back securely out of their face. Dancers may wear red, white or green bows. No headbands, please.

TAP classes must have a red TFAD t-shirt, solid black bottoms (girls: dance shorts, leggings, yoga or athletic pants and nude tights. boys: basketball shorts, sweatpants, athletic pants and black socks) and black tap shoes.

HIP HOP classes must have a red TFAD t-shirt and solid black bottoms (girls: dance shorts, leggings, yoga or athletic pants and nude tights. boys: basketball shorts, sweatpants, athletic pants and black socks) and black jazz shoes.

JAZZ classes must have a red TFAD t-shirt and solid black bottoms (girls: dance shorts, leggings, yoga or athletic pants and nude tights. boys: basketball shorts, sweatpants, athletic pants and black socks) and black jazz shoes.

MUSICAL THEATRE classes must have a red TFAD t-shirt and solid black bottoms (girls: dance shorts, leggings, yoga or athletic pants and nude tights. boys: basketball shorts, sweatpants, athletic pants and black socks) and black jazz shoes.

ACRO class must have a solid black leotard and solid black dance shorts, nude convertible tights or footless tights. Boys should wear black athletic shorts and a black fitted athletic shirt.

TINY TOTS class must have a black leotard and black dance skirt OR a black dance dress, nude tights and ballet shoes.

BALLET classes must have a solid black leotard and solid black dance skirt OR solid black dance dress, nude tights (convertible, body or footless) and ballet shoes.

LYRICAL class must have a black tank leotard or black cami leotard & convertible tights with lyrical shoes.

*solid black means no color or visible logo besides black

Abby Brunty of Crawfordsville (left) is a sixth grader at Granville Wells. Ali Hieston of New Ross is a freshman at Southmont.

If you are on Facebook at all then you’ve probably seen the many dance videos spreading like wildfire of local dancers, dancing away at several recognizable locations including, The Paper of Montgomery County! Talent Factory Arts & Dance (TFAD) look for unique ways to celebrate National Dance Day each year and this year did not disappoint when TFAD launched its “Bust a Movement Challenge.” Owners, Jim and Paula Kochert challenged their dancers to go out and spread happiness through the art of dance. Challenge participants had to take videos of themselves doing a dance move in different locations and post the videos on Facebook and Instagram.

“We decided to do this to get kids out . . . to get our dancers up and moving before dance classes start. This encourages families to get out and plan on how they were going to do this challenge together. Parents had to go with their kids to drive them around at the different locations . . . getting families to interact with one another,” Kochert said.

She spoke as to how social media has become such a huge part of people’s lives and that with this challenge the kids and parents alike get their “social media fix” and everyone can participate at any skill level. The challenge encourages families to interact and spend time together. Kochert said, “Talent Factory is all about family.” This mantra shows in how she and husband Jim run their business. Her children, daughter’s Madeline and Marigrace have both been involved in Talent Factory as well as the couple’s grandchildren.

Dance dad, Courtny Cotten says, “My girls, [Dorothy and Frances] are always excited to go to dance class and always leave there happy. Regardless of skill level, they are taking these young children and molding them into healthy bodies.”

Two Montgomery County participants, Abby Brunty and Ali Hieston recently brought their love of dance to The Paper of Montgomery County. Along with many other locations the young dancers danced in front of our offices inspiring fun and bringing smiles to those around them.

Ali Hieston of New Ross, accepted and conquered the challenge, winning first place in the ‘Bust A Movement Challenge.” Hieston has danced her way through towns such as Lebanon, New Ross, Ladoga, Jamestown, Advance, North Salem, Lizton, Brownsburg and Crawfordsville. She has gotten business owners, employees, and even the local Walnut Township Fire Dept. to dance with her! Hieston is beginning her third year as a member of the Talent Factory Dance Company and took on the challenge on full force. Hieston expressed her excitement at winning the challenge saying, ”Thank you so much to everyone who helped me win this super fun contest! A huge thank you to Talent Factory Arts & Dance for creating this awesome challenge! I’ve had so much fun going around and dancing everywhere! I met other dancers and got some employees to dance with me too!”

Hieston’s mom, Pam Collins writes, “I am so proud of her! We had so much fun with this. Loved the smiles on people’s faces when she was dancing . . . It was awesome when employees and customers joined in!”

Kochert expressed how proud she was of Hieston and of all their participants. Saying, they had no idea when this started just how big it would get!

Talent factory is located in downtown Lebanon and is open to all skill levels and abilities.

Originally published: The Paper of Montgomery County

While dancing is no doubt a fun activity, it is also greatly beneficial for developing children. At Talent Factory we provide our students a comfortable and encouraging environment to express themselves and achieve the highest level of success.
 One of the greatest benefits of any dance class is creative expression. Long hours in a classroom and screen time limits a child’s ability to tap into their imagination.  Additionally, the CDC recommends a minimum of 60 minutes of physical activity each day.  They break it down between aerobic activity, muscle and bone strengthening – all of which we cover in dance classes.
Four of the greatest benefits we’ve seen children at Talent Factory gain are:
  1.  Physical Fitness.  Dancing is an awesome cardio exercise for kids and helps boost their heart health. All the dances we teach at the Factory, particularly ballet, jazz, hip hop, acro, and tap, are perfect opportunities to improve flexibility which aides in muscle growth. And, since our dancers often follow complex routines designed by our instructors, hand-eye and overall body coordination develops strongly.
  2. Socialization.  In addition to the physical benefits, child dancers can also enjoy important mental benefits that will serve as great tools for them throughout their lives. Since our classes are filled with students of similar ages and interests, kids easily make friends. Practicing and performing in dance groups enables dancers to improve their skills in collaboration and teamwork.
  3. Self-Esteem.  Dance is also a great confidence booster. It can help many kids embrace healthy body confidence and acceptance. Since Talent Factory is a performance-based dance studio, we train our dancers to perform in public venues and dancing competitions. With these experiences, students gain self-esteem and learn to overcome fears.
  4. Improved Grades.  In addition to improving coordination, dance routines build children’s memory.  We have seen numerous children at the Factory whose performance has improved in the classroom because they’re flexing their minds doing an activity they love – dancing.  Whether students are memorizing multiplication tables or complex algebraic algorithms, they’re using the same tools they would use to execute a hip hop routine.
Want to learn more about the benefits of dance?  Give us a call at Talent Factory or consider signing up your child for dance classes (link to registration form.) See you at the Factory!

We love celebrating with our TFAD family! Wishing days full of cake, ice cream and dancing to our July birthdays:

1 – Maggie Wade
1 – Will Wade
6 – Avery Lewis
9 – Brynleigh Taylor
10 – Addison Roach
11 – Roscoe Bradbury
11 – Caiden Gilbert
11 – Cecelia Hernandez
15 – Emily Konz
15 – Natalie McPherson
21 – Della Dininger
22 – Mya Walters
23 – Brooklyn Windhorst
24 – Miss Paula
26 – Makayla Warren
28 – Hailey Sparks
31 – Chelsey Houldridge


We love celebrating with our TFAD family! Wishing days full of cake, ice cream and dancing to our June birthdays:

4 – Addison Miller
5 – Aliviah Long
8 – Blake LaGrange
8 – Brooklyn Barclay
9 – Addison Demaree
9 – Miss Marigrace
14 – Nolahni Sant’Ana
15 – Elizabeth Gomez
21 – Miss Madeline
23 – Annabelle Fry
24 – Danica Toleos
26 – Annabelle Thatcher
30 – Trenton Jenkins


Please see the graphic above, or click here, to view the Group Dance rehearsal schedule for the week of June 4-8. These are mandatory practices for the Recital participation. Students must be in attendance for the group practice, or they will not be in the group dance at Recital. Group Dance rehearsals take the place of regular recreational classes during this week.

Students need to wear recreational class dance wear and their designated dance shoes. Send water with your child’s name on it. Girls – please make sure hair is tied back securely in a bun or ponytail.

This post includes all the details you need to know for TFAD Studio Picture Day on Saturday, May 19! We know it’s long, but please read! The schedule is below, and can also be found by clicking here. We ask that all dancers attend Studio Picture Day, even if parents do not plan to purchase pictures, for the purpose of full group shots for our studio display wall.

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your child’s scheduled picture time to ensure that we can start promptly, and to keep the schedule running as smoothly as possible. If you are late, your child will miss the photo. No exceptions. Please note – if the photographer is running 30 minutes ahead of schedule, and your dancer is not dressed and ready to go, they will not have their picture taken.
  • Children should be dressed in their first scheduled costume when they arrive, with hair and makeup already done. Click here for hair and makeup tutorials! All female dancers must be wearing the dance tights that are included with their costume. Recital earrings and small, non-color specific stud earrings are allowed, however all other jewelry should be removed (unless it is a part of their costume).
  • Remember to bring all of your child’s costumes, accessories, dance shoes and extra tights. Additionally, you may want to bring hairspray, bobbi pins, a comb and makeup for touch ups at the studio.
  • Dancers must check in with the front desk when they arrive. Students ages 12 and under must have a parent or guardian remain at the studio with them. Staff will be busy with keeping Studio Picture Day on schedule, and will not be available to babysit or change costumes. It is recommended to keep small siblings at home who are not also students, as the studio will be very busy and congested.
  • As in previous years, parents are not allowed in the dance rooms while pictures are being taken. Please plan to wait in the lobby, as your child may need your help if he/she has a costume change.
  • If your child has a costume change, please change them IMMEDIATELY and have them ready for their next scheduled picture. If your child has a wait between scheduled picture times, please feel free to bring bottled water, dry snacks (something that will not get on their costume), and quiet activities for the lobby.
  • If you plan to order pictures, please bring your completed order form and full payment to Studio Picture Day. Order forms will be distributed with your child’s costume. Representatives from Memory Makers will be in the studio lobby to answer any questions you might have.
  • This year we are excited to announce that Glam Fairies will be with us on Picture Day to offer their services! Schedule an appointment with these professional stylists at the TFAD front desk by Friday, May 1, and take the stress out of Picture Day! Hair is $7/dancer, and makeup $5/dancer. Makeup & hair combo $10/dancer (payment due at time of reservation). All supplies and hair products are included in the price. Limited appointments are available – appointments will be scheduled in the order of paid reservation. No walk-ins accepted on Picture Day. Don’t forget to thank your Glam Fairy on Picture Day – cash gratuities are greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, or need to place an order for dance shoes, recital earrings, tights, leotards, makeup, etc., please contact Miss Paula at the TFAD front desk. Order deadline is Friday, May 1. The studio is open to place orders Monday-Friday, 4:30-7:30 p.m.

We love celebrating with our TFAD family! Wishing days full of cake, ice cream and dancing to our May birthdays:

2 – Aaliyah Thatcher
4 – Charlie Hebert
4 – Rachel Shepherd
7 – Mackenzie Schick
7 – Aivah Echols
11 – Madylin Gifford
12 – Kalia Snapp
13 – Madison Bialk
16 – Kaylee Woodard
20 – River Roys
22 – Hannah Pierce
22 – Willow Rimmer
26 – Jacob Johnston
31 – Kalie Brown
31 – Tempe Thompson




We love celebrating with our TFAD family! Wishing days full of cake, ice cream and dancing to our April birthdays:

1 – Alaina Smoot
4 – Maisa Kent-Doolan
4 – Zander Kent-Doolan
7 – Charley Reagan
9 – Jadyn Basey
12 – Leah Jones
14 – Elle McLaughlin
14 – Aliya Shelley
19 – Lyla Jackson
22 – Gracelynn Hart
24 – Kathryn Tranum
25 – Elizabeth Thatcher
28 – Kloe Coyle