Number of TFAD Classes: 5

Meet our Student of the Month, the lovely and talented Irina! 

In the spotlight this month is a young dancer who may be sweet and quiet by nature, but her dance moves speak volumes. Irina has been captivating us with her grace and dedication in our dance studio and with our dance company, and it’s high time we celebrate her achievements!

On the dance floor, Irina transforms into a mesmerizing performer. Our instructors have nothing but praise for Irina’s work ethic and her ability to absorb new choreography with ease.

We’re thrilled to have Irina as our Student of the Month, and we can’t wait to see how she continues to flourish as a dancer and a kind-hearted individual. Join us in congratulating her for this well-deserved recognition! 

– Talent Factory Staff

Number of TFAD Classes: 3

This is Link’s first year as a student at Talent Factory and he has been such a joy to dance with! He always has a smile to share and the cutest comments and stories to tell during circle time! He is such a good listener and loves learning new moves! Our teachers have loved teaching Link and can’t wait to see what all he accomplishes this year! Thank you for sharing your awesome dance moves with us, Link!

– Talent Factory Staff