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Don’t forget to place your order for a souvenir recital t-shirt by TODAY, May 12! Shirts are $15 apiece. The front will feature the design pictured above, and the back will have a list of all of our students. These t-shirts will be a great keepsake for your dancer!

Please see Miss Paula at the TFAD front desk to order, or call (765) 894-9888 between 4:30-7:30 p.m.

This post includes all the details you need to know for Studio Picture Day at TFAD on Saturday, May 13Please read! The schedule was emailed to all parents, and can also be found in the above graphic (click to enlarge). We ask that all dancers attend Studio Picture Day, even if parents do not plan to purchase pictures, for the purpose of full group shots.

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your child’s scheduled picture time to ensure that we can start promptly, and to keep the schedule running as smoothly as possible. If you are late, your child will miss the photo.No exceptions.
  • Children should be dressed in their first scheduled costume when they arrive, with hair and makeup already done. A hair (low bun, side part) and makeup tutorial is coming soon! All female dancers must be wearing tights. Recital earrings and small, non-color specific stud earrings are allowed, however all other jewelry should be removed (unless it is a part of their costume).
  • Remember to bring all of your child’s costumes, accessories, dance shoes and extra tights. Additionally, you may want to bring hairspray, bobbi pins, a comb and makeup for touch ups at the studio.
  • If your child has a wait between scheduled picture times, please feel free to bring bottled water, dry snacks (something that will not get on their costume), and quiet activities for the lobby.
  • As in previous years, parents are not allowed in the studio while pictures are being taken. Please plan to wait in the lobby, as your child may need your help if he/she has a costume change.
  • If you plan to order pictures, please bring your completed order form and full payment to Studio Picture Day. Order forms will be distributed with your child’s costume.

If you have any questions, or need to place an order for dance shoes, recital earrings, tights, leotards, makeup, etc., please contact Miss Paula at the TFAD front desk. Order deadline is April 28The studio is open to place orders MondayFriday4:30-7:30 p.m.

We’re honored that we were nominated as the Top 3 in Boone County in four of the following categories, especially after only being in business less than two years!

1. Witham Family YMCA 58.3%
2. Talent Factory Zumba Class 25.1%
3. Anytime Fitness 16.7%

1. Tracy Hammel 40.8%
2. Lindsay Musgrave 32.2%
3. Madeline Kochert 27.2%

1. Witham Health Services 47.7%
2. Talent Factory 31.6%
3. Bill Estes 20.7%

1. Witham Health Services 40.5%
2. The Lebanon Reporter 30.0%
3. Talent Factory 29.5%

Thanks to everyone who took the time to nominate and vote for us. You’re the reason we do what we do and continue to improve our services!

Holiday Showcase

Below is important logistical information for your dancer for this weekend’s TFAD Holiday Showcase. PLEASE READ the entire post, and see Miss Paula at the front desk if you have any remaining questions.

The Holiday Showcase is completely SOLD OUT. No tickets will be sold at the door. Doors will open at 5:30 p.m.

All Sundays of November - 11am and 4pm

5 p.m. – Students ages 11 & up
5:15 p.m. – Students ages 7-10
5:30 p.m. – Students ages 2-6

Look for our TFAD Helpers upon arrival! They will be wearing red TFAD t-shirts, and will be located in the hallway just east of the Auditorium doors. They will escort your dancer backstage. Students need to arrive at Lebanon High School dressed and ready to go.

Ballet students ages 3-6 who are in multiple classes should wear their ballet shoes FIRST. These students will also need to bring their red TFAD t-shirt to put on over their black ballet dresses/skirts for their other class performances. Please send all of their items in a bag labeled with their name, and also label their t-shirt and individual dance shoes. TFAD Helpers will help the younger students change their shoes and put on their t-shirt.

Students ages 4 & under will be released to their parents following Act 1.ONE parent may come to the hallway to sign their student out at intermission. Our younger dancers may sit with their parents in the auditorium during Act 2. We understand that many of our younger dancers have early bedtimes, therefore they are not required to stay for the the full performance. We will call back all dancers at the end who wish to be in the finale.

Dancers should bring a bottle of water or sippy cup. Water only, please!Per LHS rules, no food, candy or drinks other than water are allowed backstage.

Please read our Recital Etiquette Guide, and feel free to share with family & friends who will be attending the Holiday Showcase.

No one will be allowed into the Auditorium without a physical ticket.

All Sundays of November - 11am and 4pm (1)

BALLET & TINY TOTS – Solid BLACK leotard and ballet skirt or solid BLACK ballet dress, solid color tights (no pattern), ballet shoes.

TAP, JAZZ, HIP HOP, MUSICAL THEATER – Solid black leggings, athletic shorts, sweatpants, or yoga pants are acceptable for jazz, tap, hip hop, & musical theater classes. These will be worn with their red TFAD t-shirts. Class appropriate shoes.

HAIR – Girls need to have their hair pulled back off of their face. Ponytails, Pigtails, Braids, & Ballerina Buns are all acceptable. Dancers may wear festive holiday bows, but we discourage headbands as they tend to fall off when they are dancing.

SHOES – Please do not allow your dancer to wear their dance shoes outdoors. Change them into their dance shoes when you arrive, before handing them over to our helpers.

MAKE-UP – Make-up is recommended, as the stage lights will wash out your dancer.

All red TFAD t-shirts are in! If you ordered a shirt for the Holiday Showcase, please see the front desk to pick up your order. Tights and black ballet leotards are also available for purchase at the studio.

All Sundays of November - 11am and 4pm (2)

– No videotaping or flash photography is permitted at the Holiday Showcase. We want our audience to enjoy your child’s recital!

– A professional videographer and photographer will be capturing these moments. DVD order forms are available HERE, and will also be available at the performance. Photo flash drives order forms are available HERE, or at the Holiday Showcase.

All Sundays of November - 11am and 4pm (3)

The Talent Factory Company competition dance team will be selling a variety of “extras” at the Holiday Showcase. All items are cash only.

– Flowers will be available for purchase to congratulate your student for $1.

– Wax tarts from Beckley’s Best Blends will be available – $1 for 10 tarts.

– A 50/50 drawing will take place during the performance! Tickets will be available at the door.

14369975_688824494605650_4307686562407205535_n (1)
Please feel free to share with your family & friends who will be attending the TFAD Holiday Showcase, or our Spring Recital! 

At our studio, we want everyone to enjoy the recital performances! To enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the show, we believe in emphasizing the rules of common recital etiquette.

The Magic of a Live Performance: When you attend live performances, please keep in mind that the performers can hear and see you. Your actions and reactions, positive, negative, or disruptive, can impact the performers’ success. All of the dancers have invested time and hard work into their performances, so please show them the respect and courtesy they deserve.

Entering/Exiting: Please plan your travel so that all of your guests are seated 10 minutes prior to the performance starting. Late arrivals are incredibly disruptive and will not be admitted during a dance number. Once you arrive, please do not enter/exit the theatre unless it is a true emergency. No exits/entrances will be allowed while the dancers are on stage. There will be a 15 minute intermission that will permit an opportunity to stand-up, use the restroom, etc.

Silence & Store Your Technology: Please turn off cell phones, iPods, iPads, and any other electronic devices prior to the performance starting. They may cause interference with the recital sound system. You should never speak, text, check Facebook, or play games on your electronic devices during a performance. You should also not check your device during a performance since the backlight is incredibly bright and distracting to other audience members. This will also show up on our professional DVD, will be distracting, and ruin the quality of the recording and stage effects.

Children & Babies: At our studio, we invite all children and babies to attend our performances. If your child becomes upset or fussy during the performance, please promptly step out into the lobby as not to disrupt the dancers and other audience members. A quick change of scenery is often effective in calming upset children. Please keep in mind when deciding whether to bring a small child that the Spring Recital is longer than the Holiday Showcase and small children may get antsy. There will not be room in the audience seating for them to move freely.

Noises: Please refrain from talking during the performances. This is very distracting to our dancers and your neighbors. Your child may not be on stage, but your neighbors might be.

Photography/Videography: Please remember that photography and videography are not allowed during the recital performances. This is distracting to your neighbors, all of the people behind you, and our dancers. It will also be distracting in the professional DVDs of the performance that we are having recorded. Order forms for both photos and DVDs will be available prior to the recital.

Food/Drink: Food and drinks are not allowed in the auditorium. No exceptions!

Curtain Call: The performance is over at the conclusion of curtain call (when every dancer comes onstage to take their final bow). Audience members should stay for the entire performance and should not leave early during the curtain call. Please stay in your seat until the performance is over and the house lights are raised. Then, exit with the rest of the audience. This policy is in place to show respect to all of our performers.

And, most importantly, remember to enjoy the show! Our dancers have worked very hard, and they will greatly appreciate your applause and enthusiasm!

Talent Factory

Congratulations to the Talent Factory Company 2016-17!

Ali Hieston
Lyla Jackson
Maisa Kent-Doolan
Zander Kent-Doolan
Madi Maxwell
Natalie McPherson
Zack Miles
Aaliyah Thatcher
Riley Vanaman
Chloe Wilson

We are so proud of everyone who auditioned! Unfortunately, not everyone could make the team. We encourage all of our students to work hard in their classes this year to grow technically, and to re-audition next year. It takes patience and lots of extra work outside the classroom. Don’t give up!

We welcome those who didn’t make the Talent Factory Company to participate in all studio public performances throughout the upcoming season. This will help prepare you for next year’s auditions. Watch your email for those dates!


Each month we will recognize two TFAD students, teachers, helpers or parents who go the extra mile. Look for a new spotlight in each newsletter!

Name: Ashley Fasel

TFAD Classes Taught: Ashnastics Tumbling Class

Teaching Since: I am an art teacher at Central & Perry Worth Elementary Schools, and I have been teaching tumbling professionally for 13 years. This will be my first year teaching my classes at TFAD!

Fun Fact: I’m a Lebanon High School graduate!

What inspired you to begin teaching Tumbling?: “I just fell in to it. When I was younger, I was constantly encouraging my friends as they would attempt new skills. I had a natural ability to see where they needed to fix things and could explain it in a way they would understand. I have always love helping others, and tumbling allows me to do that.”

Family: I’m married to my husband, Justin, and our daughter, Island, is also a TFAD student!

If you are interested in signing up for Ashnastics Tumbling Class, please contact Ashley at (317) 363-5345 or AshnasticsAshtastic@gmail.com. Welcome to the Talent Factory Family, Ashley!



Please note that the lobby is made available for the convenience of our students and their families. The lobby is for waiting, reading, light snacking, conversation, homework, and playing quietly. We ask that you please respect the activities of others and classes in session. Your courtesy will be greatly appreciated.


1. Please only water or tightly covered drinks, and dry snacks! NO PEANUTS ALLOWED (We have students with severe peanut allergies!).


2. The studio office and area behind the reception desk are private areas for faculty and staff only.


 3. Talent Factory and its staff and teachers are not liable or responsible for lost belongings. Ask at the front desk if you believe that you left something at the studio. It may be in our Lost & Found basket.


4. No running, tumbling, wrestling or jumping. Talent Factory and its staff and teachers are not liable or responsible for personal injury.


5. The window seats and chairs are for sitting only. Please do not allow your children to stand on the seating or in the windows.


6. Talent Factory is not a daycare or babysitting service. Young dancers are not to arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to their classes and should be supervised by an adult until class time. When one class ends, another class starts; teachers and staff are not responsible for watching students before class or once class is dismissed. Please instruct your child to wait inside the lobby for their rides. Please call whenever you are delayed for class pickup, so we may let your child know. STUDENTS ARE NOT PERMITTED TO WAIT OUTSIDE FOR RIDES. 


7. Staff & dancers ONLY are allowed beyond the front desk. Do not sit or loiter in the aisle between the desk & bulletin board and the front entry way. These areas must be kept clear, per the Fire Marshall, in the event of an evacuation. The space beyond the desk is reserved for lining up classes.


8. Parents must accompany young children (8 and under) to the restroom.


9. Due to our growing dance family, seating is limited in the lobby during many class transitions. Please be respectful of your dance family. Do not place items such as purses, shoes, backpacks, etc. on chairs and the window seats. These items can be stored on the floor under your legs or underneath your seat.


10. Please keep conversation in the lobby positive and up-beat.  Negativity does not provide for a healthy environment.