TFAD Spotlight: Ashley Fasel


Each month we will recognize two TFAD students, teachers, helpers or parents who go the extra mile. Look for a new spotlight in each newsletter!

Name: Ashley Fasel

TFAD Classes Taught: Ashnastics Tumbling Class

Teaching Since: I am an art teacher at Central & Perry Worth Elementary Schools, and I have been teaching tumbling professionally for 13 years. This will be my first year teaching my classes at TFAD!

Fun Fact: I’m a Lebanon High School graduate!

What inspired you to begin teaching Tumbling?: “I just fell in to it. When I was younger, I was constantly encouraging my friends as they would attempt new skills. I had a natural ability to see where they needed to fix things and could explain it in a way they would understand. I have always love helping others, and tumbling allows me to do that.”

Family: I’m married to my husband, Justin, and our daughter, Island, is also a TFAD student!

If you are interested in signing up for Ashnastics Tumbling Class, please contact Ashley at (317) 363-5345 or Welcome to the Talent Factory Family, Ashley!