2017 Costume Fundraiser Information


Talent Factory is offering a fundraiser to assist our families with upcoming costume expenses that are due in November. This fundraiser was very successful last fall, and many of our students were able to pay for multiple costumes by participating. We will be selling 9 oz. Beckley’s Best Blends Soy Candles – a family-owned business in Indiana. More information about these candles are included in your fundraiser kit. The best thing about this fundraiser is that is is exclusive to Talent Factory, so you’re not competing with other clubs or organizations!

The candles sell for $10.50 each. You earn $3 per candle. So, for example, sell 25 candles x $3 per candle = $75 earned. This equals one dance recital costume!

Each fundraiser kit comes in a bag and includes the following: order form, collection envelope, and 10 sample cups (one for each scent) for your customers to sniff. Each family will receive ONE fundraising kit. Although the lids are labeled, we strongly recommend labeling the bottoms of the sample cups with a marker. It is easy to mix the cups and lids up by accident.

These candles make great gifts. Don’t forget about your bus driver, teachers, coaches, hairdresser, preacher, secret pal, boss & mail carrier! The unique names of the scents make these candles awesome White Elephant or gag gifts.

Things to Remember:

1. Your customers will need to make their checks out to YOU.

2. Sell to people you know. We discourage door-to-door sales for the safety of our dancers.

3. The fundraiser is not mandatory.

4. If you choose to participate in the fundraiser, please see Miss Paula at the front desk to pick up a fundraising kit. You may pick up your kit starting today (the studio will be open from 4:30-7:30 p.m.).

5. If you family decides NOT to participate, please return the packet to the front desk at Talent Factory.

Orders are due with payment in full (minus $3 per candle that YOU keep) byThursday, November 10. Please make one check or money order out to TALENT FACTORY. We will only accept checks from our parents – not your customers. Cash is also accepted. Debit and credit card will NOT be accepted for the fundraiser.

Please direct any questions to Miss Paula or the Talent Factory front desk.

Good luck, and Happy Selling!