Talent Factory Company 2016-17

Talent Factory

Congratulations to the Talent Factory Company 2016-17!

Ali Hieston
Lyla Jackson
Maisa Kent-Doolan
Zander Kent-Doolan
Madi Maxwell
Natalie McPherson
Zack Miles
Aaliyah Thatcher
Riley Vanaman
Chloe Wilson

We are so proud of everyone who auditioned! Unfortunately, not everyone could make the team. We encourage all of our students to work hard in their classes this year to grow technically, and to re-audition next year. It takes patience and lots of extra work outside the classroom. Don’t give up!

We welcome those who didn’t make the Talent Factory Company to participate in all studio public performances throughout the upcoming season. This will help prepare you for next year’s auditions. Watch your email for those dates!